Stunning Facts About Sir Baniyas Island You Never Knew Before!

Islands in Abu Dhabi
Sir Baniyas Island is dominated by the Arabian wildlife park

We bet you didn’t know these amazing insights about this famous Sir Baniyas Island located in the capital, that will make you want to tick it off your bucket list.

Sir Baniyas Island

  • The reserve was established in 1977 by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan
  • The name Sir Bani Yas originates from the Bani Yas tribe, who first inhabited Abu Dhabi. Sir Bani Yas is the crest of a salt dome created millions of years ago by natural geological forces.
  • There are more than 3 million+ types of trees and plants on the island.

Sir Baniyas Island Al Sahel

  • They have three resorts on the Island named Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara, Anantara Al Yamm Villa Resort and Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is situated alongside the coastal line the Royal retreat of HH Sheikh Zayed, Founding Father of the UAE. Anantara Al Yamm Villa Resort is a beach resort with beachfront private villas suitable for a romantic getaway. Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort is also a private villa resort situated in the Savannah surrounded by animals like gazelles, peacocks etc.

Wild Life at Sir Baniyas Island

  • The island is home to wildlife! They have around 11,000+ animals on the island from more than 30 different species including the giraffe, cheetah, sand gazelle, mountain gazelle, peacock, ostrich, emu, llama, dolphins, etc. This also includes the endangered arabian oryxsand gazelle and mountain gazelle as well as free-roaming predators and scavengers such as the Sudan cheetah and striped hyena

Mangrove at Sir Baniyas Island

  • They have around 25 different land and water activities on the island!  These include adventure safari’s, kayaking, mountain biking, archery, hiking and snorkeling. (Currently, few activities are not available due to weather conditions and Covid-19 situation).
  • The first human settlers arrived several thousand years ago. Thirty-six archaeological sites have been discovered throughout Sir Bani Yas, each providing a distinct insight into the island’s history. One of the oldest sites is the remains of a Nestorian Christian monastery which dates back to 600 AD. The Majlis that is situated on the island was the place that HH Sheikh Zayed hosted one of the meetings regarding the reunion of all seven emirates
  • The island operates the region’s first wind turbine, which has a production capacity of 850 kilowatts is currently it is producing energy to power the island’s facilities alongside conventional supply from the national grid.

Make sure you take advantage to visit Anantara Sir Baniyas Island and Resorts  which is set to reopen and welcome guests to the opulent wildlife-focused resorts dotted along the UAE’s largest natural island – Sir Bani Yas Island


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