Two Weeks Summer Camp For Young Entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi

Summer Camp for kids
The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has launched Venturist, which is a two-week entrepreneurship summer camp for Abu Dhabi students.

With Covid-19, a lot of sectors have had to reevaluate their business practices and change them that has opened space for innovative solutions and entrepreneurial demands. The Venturist summer camp for students between 10 – 18 years old is a chance for budding minds to explore their ideas and learn what they need to develop their passion projects into sustainable brands.

They will be given a crash course on all the factors that come into play while developing an enterprise. Experts will guide the students on how to problem-solve, budget cost-effectively, work in a team and set achievable goals to gain momentum. A focal point of the camp will be to equip students with a strong digital skillset considering the current landscape.

The camp will teach students how to fine-tune their business ideas and refine their design and strategies through online classes. They will be introduced to different start-ups across the globe who made their ideas a reality by changing the odds in their favour. The students will learn how to conduct market research and understand consumer demands to create a product that addresses the market needs. In the second week, students will be put into groups to develop their own comprehensive pitch with a complete business plan, marketing and sales strategy and plan of action to implement and execute the company objective. In the final week, these groups will pitch these ideas to a panel of experts and renowned professionals who work closely with Khalifa Fund to scale up small and medium enterprises.

Mubarak Al Ameri, the Executive Director of Outreach Management Department in Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, said: “As the leading enterprise development organisation in the region, we aim to spread entrepreneurship culture and shape the future of the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by investing heavily into immersive education programmes, from a grassroots level to established SMEs. By providing this emerging generation with opportunities to learn about entrepreneurial skills, we’re creating an environment that empowers youth to think ahead and understand the business world from an early age.”

This is an effort by the government to highlight the opportunities and avenues available for young professionals. In these testing times, it is imperative to enhance your knowledge levels to be able to adapt and build work that is in-genuine and addresses the gaps in the different sectors. The Venturist Summer Camp will be between 5th – 27th July, and 5th – 20th August.


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