Sushi Perfected At This Weekend Masterclass

Sushi masterclass

As rich and diverse Japanese cuisine is, no other delicacies in its vast repertoire is perhaps as more popular than sushi.

Yes, that humble vinegared rice rolled with raw ingredients that most of us can’t get enough off.

Interestingly, early sushi is said to have originated not in Japan but in Southeast Asia.

From the Mekong River it spread into China before finding its way to Japan where it embedded itself into its local culture.

Sometime in the mid-1800’s, a man named Henaya Yoshi added a unique touch to give the delicacy a bit of makeover.

It’s also fascinating to know that sushi, unlike today, was a cheap, fast snack for common folks then and best enjoyed by hands instead of chopsticks.

Times have certainly changed.

Suffice to say, Japan undeniably perfected the art of making sushi and we all owe them a big ‘thank you’ for that.

Sushi masterclass at Crowne Plaza

And if you’re curious on what it takes to create the perfect sushi then we have news for you.

Cho Gao at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi is holding a sushi master class for adults and kids tomorrow, 5th October, from 10am to 1pm.

The restaurant’s expert chef will be on hand to share tips, techniques and even a few secrets for delectable results.

As mentioned, kids are welcome to join and will be grouped to the Mini Ninja Sushi classes alongside fellow little chefs.

Because the truth is despite of its size, creating the perfect sushi takes great amount of skills to achieve the right colour, texture, taste and appearance.

And this is where this fun master class comes in.AED 169 per person inclusive of four-course menu and house beverages, AED 85 for kids.

For more details and reservations, contact 02 616 6200, [email protected]


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