Arabic Films Move To The Next Level Of Creativity With This Giant Collaboration

Arabic Films

A new partnership between Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Majid Al Futtaim and MBC studios aims to promote Middle Eastern films and TV projects across the region.

The collaboration will support projects from inception to distribution, and will greenlight several projects annually.

The partnership actively seeks projects from across the Middle East, with a focus on Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, and has already begun producing its first project.

The first movie backed by the partnership is Three Four Eternity, a vampire family drama produced by Mohamed Hefzy under his company Film Clinic, which will be the directorial debut for the film’s writer, Rami Yasin.

Another film, HWJN, is in development and an adaptation of the bestselling Saudi Arabian novel from author Ibrahim Abbas about a devout God-fearing Jinn who forges a special bond with a talented female medical student.

“This partnership will have a significant impact on the scale and ambition of the region’s industries, enabling more creatives to bring their ideas to life and deliver the content that audiences want to see,” said Ben Ross, chief content officer at Image Nation Abu Dhabi.

“The trio of companies will facilitate the creative process at every step of a project’s development, and this is a major step towards our vision of creating dynamic content for the Middle East that will not only engage locally, but also play to the rest of the world.”


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