Trial Participants Exempt From PCR Test To Enter Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi to relax quarantine rules for participants of phase III of clinical vaccination trials or National Vaccination Programme.

Abu Dhabi is going to relax the 14-day quarantine rule for its residents and its nationals returning from abroad! The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis, and Disaster committee, has decided to remove the mandatory rule of 14 days quarantine for the returnees on certain conditions.

All the participants in phase III of clinical vaccination trials or the participants of the national vaccination scheme do not follow the 14 days compulsory quarantine rules. The volunteers got trial vaccination shots from the Chinese Sinopharm company, and the relaxation rule starts 28 days after taking part in the National Vaccination Programme.

In addition to this, those who have already participated in phase III of clinical vaccination trials or vaccinated according to the national vaccination programme need not undergo PCR or DPI test for getting entry into Abu Dhabi. It is the rule for those who make an entry through the land. In the case of those people who travel back from abroad, they have to undergo a PCR test and also take a test on the 4th and the 8th day of their entry into Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Media Office’s social channels broke the news of recent developments in the quarantine rules. It stated that if a particular participant’s Alhosn App shows he needs to take the test every 14 days, he needs to undergo the PCR test while entering Abu Dhabi from anywhere in the UAE. Otherwise, generally, there is no need for any PCR test for the participants.


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