This Upcoming Documentary Will Shed Light On UAE’s Stunning Past

Documentary by Imagenation

A five-part documentary about the UAE’s ancient history is scheduled for broadcast before the year ends.

Produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, History of the Emirates follows the country’s beginnings some 125,000 years ago up to the UAE’s unification in 1971.

Viewers will gain insights on the life of early settlers and their remarkable innovations that enabled them to survive.

The informative and entertaining documentary utilises state-of-the art CGI technology, 360-degree camerawork and archaeological footage to trace the UAE’s storied but mostly undocumented past.

The documentary will air on all local networks across the UAE later this year.

A three-part edition of the series will be shown internationally via National Geographic, SBS Australia and SVT Sweden, with actor Jeremy Irons delivering the narration.

“Image Nation has created a landmark documentary that uncovers the many ways in which the nation’s past has shaped the country we see today,” said Mohamed Al Mubarak, chairman Image Nation and the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi.

“The series will be an important event for the whole community – bringing together viewers from all generations and backgrounds to learn more about the UAE’s incredible past.”

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