UAE Documentary Series To Air This Month

UAE Documentary to Air Soon

The much-awaited UAE documentary about the UAE’s rich history is finally making its TV premiere.

History of the Emirates, produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Atlantic Productions, will be seen across local channels from 24th to 28th November, at 9pm.

The five part documentary series has five thematic episodes society, innovation, trade, belief and unity – all exploring different periods in the country’s history.

The documentary starts 125,000 years ago and succeeding eras before concluding to 1971 or the year the UAE was officially founded as a nation.

UAE Documentary to talk about UAE's History

History of the Emirates was made using never-before-seen archival footage’s and cutting-edge technology including CGI, Li-Dar scanning and 360-degree camera work.

Sediments from prehistoric time

“We are thrilled to share this spectacular documentary series with the public ahead of the National Day celebrations,” said Mohamed Al Mubarak, chairman of Image Nation Abu Dhabi and chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi.

“We are proud to have captured the country’s remarkable past and amazing present, while revealing a completely unseen civilization to viewers new to the region.”

UAE history documentary

Anthony Geffen, producer and creative director of Atlantic Production, commented: “History of the Emirates encompasses over one hundred thousand years of the UAE’s magnificent history, with key insights to its unique culture and landscape.

“Atlantic Productions was delighted to produce this series and work with so many talented people in the UAE, where we were able to draw on extraordinary new research and experts.

“Our teams used new forms of Li-Dar and ground penetrating radar to unveil significant ancient sites and bring them back to life.

“Our new camera systems, drones and cutting edge CGI allowed us to tell the compelling story of the UAE with dramatic real and as-real visuals.”

He continued: “The series will also be combined with immersive content, an interactive app, a mobile digital museum and VR experiences which will transport viewers under the water with traditional pearl divers, across the desert, and inside Qasr Al Hosn.”

The documentary will air on Dubai TV, Dubai One, Sama Dubai, Abu Dhabi TV, Baynounah TV, Dhafra TV, Ajman TV, Al Roya, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, MBC1 and across the Middle East.

The documentary will also be split into a three-part series as told by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons and aired to international audiences via National Geographic in December 2019.


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