First Arab Woman To Climb Mount Everest’s Northeast Ridge Docu To Be Aired

First Arab Woman to scale the world’s tallest peak at 8,839 metres.

On 23rd May 2019, Dolores Al Shelleh conquered the odds by reaching the top of Mount Everest from the Northeast Ridge.

First Arab Woman to climb the everest

The public will now have the chance to see how the Dubai-based Jordanian Dolores made her way to history books one step and climb at a time.

National Geographic Abu Dhabi will air The Lone She documentary on 8th March at 10 pm.

The must-watch documentary will show the tough challenges and thrilling triumphs by Dolores from start to finish.

The show is in line with Nat Geo Abu Dhabi’s line-up of shows focusing on the achievements of women from across the globe to coincide with International Women’s Day.


Don’t miss out the story of the first Arab woman’s journey to victory.

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