Have You Been To Warehouse421 Yet?

Warehouse421 has reopened to the public with a new look.

The artistic hub has been refurbished and reopened to the public with some new additions.

Warehouse 421, home to some eclectic artworks had close earlier this year to curb the spread of Covid-19. The art workshops, programmes and exhibitions were all put on pause till it was safe for the public.

The space is now back in operation with two new exhibitions for the people to enjoy. The Stonebreakers by curator Murtaza Vali, and The Cup and The Saucer by artist Hashel Al Lamki and curator Munira Al Sayegh, is now open accessible to the UAE residents. The latter unpacks themes dealing with unity, separation, individual identity and seeks to explore the repercussions of separating into two entities from one unity through the analogy of the cup and saucer.

The curator Manira Al Sayegh said, “The title of the exhibition, The Cup and The Saucer, borrows the metaphorical stance of two objects created for one another, which only exist as separate when they are pulled away from one another by another factor.

“This creation of two into one is very symbolic to Hashel Al Lamki and I. Through our collaboration we explored this sense of two separates coming together to form a unit.

“The exhibition is a culmination of open ended questions that surfaced during our ritualistic Monday meetings that we had. The framework of this exhibition is the direct translation of the chaotic order of the meeting of two minds into a single space.”

In addition to the artistic additions, a new shop, café and cosy library corner has been added to the establishment to encourage both youngster and adults alike to spend time on the premises. Rest assured, you will be able to explore your creative expression safely as they have preventive measure in place, in line with the rules and regulations for Covid-19.

For more information visit www.warehouse421.ae


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