UAE Becomes The First Country To Announce Paid Paternity Leave

Paid Paternity Leave
Those working in the private sector can now apply for five days of leave.

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, has declared that male employees are now eligible to apply for paternity leave, making UAE the first Arab nation to have this decree in place.

The leave can be availed by private sector individuals for five days between when the baby is born till, they are six months old. Following the law in 2018, where the government mandated that the female workers would be paid the same wage as the male counterparts, new law is aimed at further encouraging gender equality in the workplace.

“This new rule will be important for mothers and wives who will have the support they need at a time of their choosing, whether in the days right after the birth or in the months that follow.” Female colleagues in the private sector are entitled to 45 days and public sector have 90 days of paid maternity leave. So, this announcement offers parents the opportunity to enjoy time with their tiny tots during their early days.

In fact, very few countries worldwide have paid paternity for their employees with clear specifications. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful move by the UAE government to support families and enjoy the joyous moments with no stress of having to juggle parental duties with work.


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