Indoor Fitness at Yas Marina: Stay Cool and Active this Summer

Yas Marina

Yas Marina’s Indoor Fitness: Stay Cool and Active this Summer

As the summer heat intensifies, Yas Marina, the ultimate lifestyle and leisure destination, invites you to beat the rising temperatures by taking advantage of its fantastic indoor fitness options. Stay cool and active this summer with Yas Marina’s indoor fitness facilities.

  • Marina Padel: Swing into Fun

For a unique summer activity, head to Marina Padel with a friend and enjoy the stunning sunset views while unwinding after a long day. Marina Padel offers group sessions and solo play options. With four well-lit courts, Padel equipment for rent, and a licensed courtyard, it’s the perfect way to release some steam.

To reserve your spot, call 02 583 2380

  • Vogue Fitness: Pump Up Your Summer

Vogue Fitness

Get a head start on achieving your summer fitness goals at Vogue Fitness. Be an early bird and enroll in morning classes like CrossFit, Gymnastics, and MetCon before the scorching afternoon sun arrives.

Teens aged 13 – 17 can also join classes. With over 1,000 square meters of indoor training space, you’ll find the perfect environment for those summer gains. For reservations, please call 02 583 2380.

  • Yas Ladies: Your Private Fitness Sanctuary

Vogue Fitness

If you prefer a private fitness space to work on your summer goals, Yas Ladies offers female-only CrossFit classes year-round. Gather your girlfriends and embark on your fitness journey in a supportive environment.

Don’t wait; register now and may the fitness be with you. For reservations, please call 02 583 2380.

Don’t let the summer heat hold you back.

Dive into these indoor fitness options at Yas Marina and make this summer your healthiest one yet.


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