Update: Abu Dhabi Border Rules Have Been Changed

Abu Dhabi Borders
Residents in the UAE have now been requested to carry out two tests after entering the capital city.

Till November 7th, anyone travelling through the Abu Dhabi border to Abu Dhabi required a negative Covid-19 test and was required to get PCR tested on Day 6, should they stay in the emirate. These rule have not been revised to residents having to have a negative DPI or PCR test taken 48 hours’ prior travel to enter the emirate. Further, they are required to get themselves tested on day four and day eight if they continue to stay. The Abu Dhabi Crisis, Emergency and Disasters Committee has had these Abu Dhabi border rules in operation starting today 08th November.

Those trying to default on these tests will be fined accordingly. The authorities have asked people to download the Al Hosn app to allow for easily tracing the test results and having them recorded. These measures are in line with the preventive measures the government is taking to ensure the people’s safety and contain the number of cases in the city.

Volunteers who are participating in the vaccine trials are exempt from these rules and have been told to use the emergency vehicle lanes to enter the capital city, Abu Dhabi.


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