Celestial Phenomenon To Occur First Time In UAE After 172 Years

Celestial Eclipse

A rare celestial phenomenon to be witnessed in UAE. This Astronomical event will happen on 26th December and will be fully visible from Abu Dhabi’s Gharbia or Liwa region.

The annular solar eclipse (as it’s called) will see the moon covering majority of the sun (91.93 per cent), except its outer edges.

This creates a bright solar ring around the moon, resembling a ‘ring of fire’.

The celestial phenomenon will be seen for the first time in the UAE after 172 years, with the last time occurring in 1847.

A full view of the eclipse will only be visible in the Liwa area for two to three minutes, from 7.35am to 7.38am.

Going to Liwa to witness this celestial eclipse?

You might want to check out these attractions such as the Liwa Forts used in the past to protect the water wells, and the scenic Moreb Dune, which is touted as the tallest sand dune in the world.

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