Incomparable Luxury Few Hours Away From Abu Dhabi

Luxury Beach Front Chalets

Abu Dhabi is  a home where the regions beautiful beaches dwell-in and to get bound to the emirates means to book a ride to the Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort, the capital’s most appealing destination which is just a few hours away.

Danat Jebel Dhanna

It is an absolute personification of a serene-landscape including countless facilities, magnificent views and impeccable services. If you want to find joy which is impracticable, indefinable and completely unutterable then this place is meant for you.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that its 24 chalets are like a mere day-dream impossible of realization that will make your every visit a memorable moment speckle Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort’s which is 800 metre long , exclusive, white sandy beach.

Each chalet offers an incomparable luxurious ocean views that detains everyone in a gaze of amazement.

When guests are not in a mood of relaxing within the boundaries of their high-class chalet, they can go outside to get plunged feverishly in swimming, meditation and water sports in the Arabian sea, where the waters are an amalgamation of blue and pristine color and the biodiversity is immensely rich that snorkelers are guaranteed to receive pleasantness.

Families who are in search of entertainment can avail this opportunity by having a massage at the resort’s body and soul recreation club. You can also exercise some of the greatest region’s actions with the wonders of Abu Dhabi city, the Liwa Desert and Sir Bani Yas Island all are located around the premises of the resort.

The Chalets are a culmination for tourist from European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and neighboring GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, while alluring new markets from Scandinavia, China and CIS markets.

Commenting on the chalet experience, the General Manager Rengith Chandran stated, “Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort’s signature chalets are stunning, with all the accoutrements necessary to ensure families find privacy, peace, tranquillity, wellbeing and pampering.

Everything from the glorious natural surroundings to the services and facilities is of the finest quality and superiority. Moreover, every imaginable comfort is provided for guests seeking the best of recreational, sports, leisure, entertainment and dining amenities.”

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