This New App Is Making It Easy To Access Medical Services In Abu Dhabi

New Health App

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health has launched a new ” remote healthcare” app in collaboration with Injazat Data Systems.

The app launched by Department of Health will allow Abu Dhabi residents get safe and have easy remote access to medical services during the current lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Abu Dhabi’s media office said that users can obtain medical support and advice while at home, and get access to diagnostic services for non-emergency situations through healthcare facilities in the capital.

The media office said in a tweet: ” The app also provides medical support to people with chronic diseases, the elderly, those in need of medical prescriptions ( and ) those who are isolating at home”.

Those using the healthcare app can also book remote consultations with doctors via voice or video call as well as text messages.

The ‘Remote Healthcare’ app is s available in both Arabic language and English language on Android and iOS devices.

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