Digital birth certificates available for all newborns in Abu Dhabi!

Birth certificates for Newborns
Certificates will now be issued digitally for new borns

Birth certificates for newborns will now be issued digitally through “TAMM“, the Abu Dhabi Government Services platform.

The issuance of digital certificates is TAMM’s latest digital service. This is in addition to the various services available on the platform. Following childbirth, Newborns’ parents will receive a notification from the healthcare facility prior to being notified of the registration and login procedures.

They will then be prompted to upload the required documents and pay the required fees to receive a digital copy of their newborn’s birth certificate.

The new digital system is already effective as of 30th December 2021 and applies to newborns across the emirates. Individuals seeking to issue additional certificates for previous birth dates issued from any of the emirate’s hospitals can also make use of the new service.

There would be no requirement of visiting dedicated offices across various healthcare facilities like earlier.

The birth certificates for new born babies must be issued within a period of 30 days from the date of birth.


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