Why does the Middle East have the lowest cancer rate?

Cancer cells
Naturally protected from cancer?

Although there is no place on the face of this earth where cancer has not spread its vicious wings, overall Middle East has the lowest rate.

What could be the reason? Let us take a few major ones into consideration.

One of the major reasons resulting in the low rate is their fasting during the month of Ramadan. Although it’s only a month of fasting, during a year the effects are particularly encouraging. The fasting period is also considered as Intermittent Fasting which results in increased starvation of the cancer cells.

The rate of cancer in the Middle East is around 198 persons per 1,00,000 whereas it is 468 per 1,00,000 in Australia, the highest rated country followed by Ireland at 374,Hungary 368 and US 352.

Fasting usually reduces glucose levels in the blood, making it harder for cancercells to grow. These cells feed on glucose, consuming it at a much higher level than normal cells do. During fasting, one way cells try to conserve energy is by making it easier for cell membranes to metabolize insulin. This improves insulin’s ability to remove glucose from the blood. Reducing the glucose available to cancer cells may hinder cancerous growth.

Another major deterrent is the consumption of various spices like turmeric, saffron caraway, cardamom. They all release antioxidants and work as anti mediums. These anti-oxidants also help repair our cells.

The spices also produce killer T cells which actually terminate the cancer-cells in our bodies.

Lower consumption of tobacco amongst the women also helps bring down the average as compared to other countries like Chile which has the women population accounting for almost 40% of consumption. So as we all know smoking does lead to cancer more so as tobacco contains nearly 5000 chemicals which do harm to your body and definitely increases the chances of cancer.

Prohibition of alcohol also leads to lesser numbers of cancer especially related to the liver and even oral organs.

Middle East is the highest sugar consuming country in the world. We know the cells have the greatest hunger for sugar and thus are kept at bay from spreading. Another interesting fact about Middle East population is that they have a very high content of Vitamin D which is very effective in fighting cancer.

Aren’t these some amazing facts and reasons that naturally protect Middle East from cancer?


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