Prison Island to open soon in Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall
Prison rules to follow with life behind bars

Abu Dhabi Mall will soon be home to an adventure island for all ages. Prison Island is set to open in Abu Dhabi’s community mall very soon.

Whether you’re a massive fan of escape rooms and always have an eye for interactive challenges or have never tried one, you’re going to want to get this new experience on your checklist.

Prison Island – Beat the Bars is a journey filled with indulgent challenges that require quick thinking, logic and teamwork.

The experience is opening soon at Abu Dhabi Mall in January. Prices start at Dhs 125 for adults and Dhs 105 for kids per hour. It features 26 cells set within a 1,000 meter square complex. Teammates use their skills to solve problems, collect points and compete; everyone over the age of eight is welcome to play.

Each cell is ranked according to difficulty with each cell worth a certain number of points. Solve cells like The Vault, Tilt, Cliffhanger, Tower, Flash Dance and many more.

Interactive challenges are great for team building, birthday parties and special occasions – and from the looks of it, this one will be no different.

It takes between one and three hours to complete, and can host up to 120 players and 22 teams of up to six people.

Opening soon this month in Abu Dhabi Mall.  Dhs105 (kids aged eight to 11), Dhs125 (over 12 years).

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