Your Journey To Self Exploration Begins Tomorrow

Journey To Self Exploration

Living a fast-paced city life can take its toll in so many ways.

Aside from overwhelming stress, the hectic lifestyle can leave a person feeling lost and struggling to regain a sense of identity.

To help individuals rediscover their journey of themselves Change Works Abu Dhabi is staging another round of free inspirational talks for the community.

The Chat with Change Works will take place tomorrow, 24th October, at Urban Retreat in Yas Mall on Yas Island.

The objective: give participants a platform to slow down and share their thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

People can choose from the two 30-minute interactive sessions hosted by Kasey Conrad and Natalia Kolesnikova.

‘Who Am I?’ will see Kasey take participants to an interactive journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Natalia meanwhile will lead ‘Qigong’ in which she’ll introduce participants to the ancient art of Qigong and its many benefits.

“At Change Works, all the coaching we do challenges the status quo,” the centre said in a statement.

“We believe in thinking differently about you. We believe that each person is a unique and wonderful being and deserves a unique and wonderful approach to change. We are not your everyday cookie cutter coaches.”

To register and for more information, visit:

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