New To Yoga? Take Note Of These Key Tips

New to Yoga

Yoga is a good way to work on strength and flexibility. Contrary to popular notion, everyone can do it and it suits various ages and skill levels.

There are various types of yoga; some are for relaxation while some require more movement, stretching and poses based on specific purposes.

If you are just starting new, there are key postures to learn to make your body comfortable.

“Yoga is a beautiful practice that unites our body, breath and mind and makes us feel free of any worries and stress, relaxed, yet energized, strong and complete,” says Victoria Kolesnikova, yoga instructor at Change Works.

“Yoga is suitable for anyone. If you are new to yoga, these are some useful tips for you to start your exciting yoga journey.”

Find a good Yoga Teacher 

The internet has a lot of Yoga classes and it became convenient for us, as we do not need to go anywhere.

But if you want to learn yoga with its focus on wisdom, subtle mental and physical aspects, then you might want to find a good teacher for that.

Additionally, you will be guided and corrected, which allows you to be confident and know that you are doing postures properly.

If you had any injury before or any special medical condition, you are encouraged to consult with your doctor first to know any specific areas you should not put pressure on.

Be prepared

Wear comfortable clothes, have a bottle of water for keeping yourself hydrated, a towel if needed and practice yoga on an empty stomach (two to three hours after a meal).

If you have your yoga mat, bring it with you, otherwise, it is available in any yoga studio.

Additionally being new, if you practice yoga by yourself, remember to warm up your body before practice.

It is necessary to avoid any injuries and helps to go deeper into your poses.

Yoga is commonly practiced barefoot to achieve balance and stability, but if you wish to wear socks there is no rule against them.  

Positive Thoughts

Set yourself up for success. Do not put any expectations on yourself, do not compete or compare yourself with others as each body is different.

Know that what you are doing is right for you. Encourage yourself, feel how your body is becoming stronger and more flexible, and you will see the results faster.

Listen to your body and be patient

When you start doing yoga, some postures or speed of practice may be difficult or tiring for you in the beginning.

Be patient with yourself, push as much as you feel comfortable, do not push too hard especially when you feel pain or intense constraints.

Tell the teacher in advance about your medical conditions, for her or him to guide you for posture variations, modifications or their avoidance.

Be consistent rather than infrequently intense with your practice and slowly you will see the progress.

Free up your mind

Starting a yoga practice, let go of any worries, problems, and issues, if you leave them aside for just 30 minutes or one hour, nothing will happen to them.

Cultivate that ability to disconnect yourself from the outside world and connect to the inside. When your mind wanders, bring attention to your breath, scan your body, feel how your muscles becoming strong and flexible.


Yoga breath is a bridge between mind and body. It is important to coordinate your breath with asana flow for the prana/life force energy to move freely.

Deep and gradual breaths help you to better connect to yourself, control movements, calm the mind and remove stress from the body.

Maintain smooth inhalation and exhalation when in motion and while holding postures.

Enjoy and relax

Make it fun and free-flowing for you with a smile and enjoyment.

Rest between each asana, and by the end of your practice lay down in corpse pose (Shavasana), close your eyes and allow your body and mind to fully relax, feeling sensations and absorbing the benefits of your yoga practice. 

Start your yoga journey at Change Works Abu Dhabi whole wellness center by signing up to Morning Yoga with Sushmita or Evening Yoga and Meditation with Victoria.

The morning classes are every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30am to 9:45 am, while  evening classes are every Sunday and Tuesday at 6:30pm – 7:45pm.

For more information, contact: 02 628 1811 or 054 410 1110; [email protected] Visit:

Be the new You. Remember that the reason you’re doing this is to make your life better.

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