Traditional Handicraft Festival To Commence Preserving UAE’s Heritage

Traditional Handicraft Festival

The Department of Culture and TourismAbu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is celebrating local traditional handicrafts while also preserving the tradition and heritage through a returning festival.

Crafts of the Ancestors, Pride of the People” will roll out a series of traditional cultural activities and workshops from 30th October to 16th November, from 9am to 10pm daily.

The event aims to introduce the public to traditional weaving and handicrafts with participation of traditional crafts professionals from across the country.

The festival enlists the support of 120 families involved in the industry, helping them in the process to adapt to modern consumer demands.

“The Traditional Handicrafts Festival returns to Souq Al Qattara year after year to emphasize DCT Abu Dhabi’s commitment to preserving our ancestors’ heritage that is represented in their handmade crafts and environmentally-adaptable products, some of which made a source of income for many,” said Saeed Hamad Al Kaabi, intangible heritage director at DCT Abu Dhabi.

Emirati man with traditional handcraft work

He added: “The Festival aims at raising the coming generation’s awareness of the great value in our nation’s rich past and heritage, while providing the ideal platform for families to interact with heritage and its artistic components.”

Festival visitors can expect to see various traditional arts and crafts such as Al RazfaAl AyalaAl RababaAl-‘AziAl TaghroodaAl Shallah, and Al Yola.

Other activities will include Al Khos (palm frond braiding), Al Sadu (weaving), Al TalliAl Fakhaar (pottery), Al Ghazl (spinning), ornament and jewellery making and tailoring.

Traditional Handicrafts from the UAE Nationals

The festival will be offering workshops for youngsters such as falconry, painting and coloring.

There will also be competitions on the preparation of Gahwa (Arabic coffee) and traditional dishes, in addition to Al Yola competitions for children.

Guests can also shop authentic handicrafts, food, clothing, decorations, medicinal herbs, falconry tools, Arabic coffee, dates and sweets from local sellers and artisans.


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