Qasr Al Watan To Close For A Week


Visiting Qasr Al Watan next week may not be a good idea.

This is because the historic structure will be temporarily closed to the public from Tuesday, 12th November until Wednesday, 20th November, and will reopen on Thursday, 21st November.

No reason was given for the brief closure. But it’s also not surprising considering that Qasr Al Watan is still a working palace hosting official functions.

Qasr Al Watan – which means Palace of the Nation in English – was opened to the public in March this year.

The venue provides a glimpse of the country’s governing traditions and political history.

It also houses a library carrying a vast collection of books and resources about the UAE’s political, social and cultural traditions.

Inside, guests can access halls where official summits are usually done.

A daily light and sound show projects onto the building’s facade in the evening.

The lively spectacle tells a story connecting the palace’s significance in the country’s history and role in the past, present and future.

Furthermore, visitors can enjoy the lush gardens, large domes and courtyards inspired by Mughal-era architecture from past centuries.

Located in Ras Al Akhdar, the venue is the official meeting place for cabinet members and the Federal Supreme Council.

It also hosts international leaders and dignitaries during state visits.

Past visitors of the palace include Pope Francis, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, among many others.

The decision to open the palace to the public was in line with the government’s desire for residents and tourists to learn more about the UAE’s history.

Likewise, Qasr Al Watan boosts the still growing number of attractions and sites in Abu Dhabi, particularly landmarks of cultural and historical importance.

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