Looking For A Good Laugh? This Wellness Yoga Will Make You Roll

Laughter Yoga

We can’t argue that ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

According to studies, laughter decreases stress hormones and increases the body’s immune cells and antibody agents.

Laughter also triggers the release of natural feel-good chemicals or endorphins in the body. Aside from alleviating mood and pain, laughing can also help burn calories and improve cardiac health.

This is the foundation behind Hasya Yoga or popularly known as laughter yoga.

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2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training (CLYL) This is a basic training on how to lead a laughter session for social clubs, corporate organizations, seniors, school children and people with special needs. What you'll learn: *Basic facilitation skills – how to lead a group laughter session *History *Cconcept * Philosophy of Laughter Yoga *Laughter Meditation Buy your ticket now to reserve your training. Click on the link below to Book Your Ticket Now. 1500 AED http://www.changeworksad.com/index.php/services/monthly-calendar/workshop-wednesdays/laughter-yoga-leader-training Day 1: Basic Learning The One day experiential workshop where participants get a basic knowledge about Laughter Yoga and how it works as well as learn about the immeasurable benefits it provides for the body and mind. You will experience a Laughter Yoga session and Laughter Meditation and learn finally how to get involved in Laughter Yoga and its different practices. You will also learn to laugh all by yourself and get some practical ideas on how to bring more laughter into your lives. Day 2: During the course, you will learn how to lead a group of people through simulated Laughter Yoga Techniques developed by Dr Kataria, and skills of converting this simulated laughter into real infectious and spontaneous laughter without using jokes, comedy or humor. After completing this training, you will be trained to conduct Laughter Yoga Seminars, Workshops for corporate, companies, hospitals, schools, colleges & universities, old age homes, prisons, children with special needs etc. Who Can Do This Course Laughter Yoga can be value added to the following professionals – Alternative Therapist and Healers, Recreation Activity facilitators,Yoga fitness trainers and sports coaches, Occupational Therapists & Health care professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapist. #laughteryoga #laughteristhebestmedicine #thenasman #inspiration #livelovelaugh #happy #smile #mindbodysoul #positivevibes #wednesdaywisdom #abudhabievents #abudhabi #uae

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The routine – developed by Indian physician Madan Kataria – sees participants engage in voluntary laughter aided by jokes, eye contact and playful gestures. And while forced at first, the session eventually becomes a natural laugh fest for everyone – and that’s where real fun begins.

Laughter yoga has grown in popularity in recent years, with many countries embracing the practice along with its health benefits.

It’s no wonder too that laughter yoga is being done in companies, old age homes, schools, hospitals, prisons, fitness centres and community centres.

And Abu Dhabi residents curious to experience laughter yoga can do so by signing up to a session hosted by Change Works on 30th and 31st August, from 10am to 5pm.

Participants can expect a full day of laughter complete with actions – and with this we mean crazy, exaggerated movements for good fun.

The session usually starts with warm-up techniques including stretching before proceeding with actions and playful visuals to elicit guffaws of chuckles.

To sign up, email: [email protected]

Registration now open. Cost AED 1,506.

Change Works, As Saman building, 1st floor, 102. Call: 02 628 1811, changeworksad.com


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