What Makes This Original Short Film By Louvre Abu Dhabi So Special?

Louvre Abu Dhabi
Just in time for the 3rd anniversary of the Louvre, ‘The Pulse of Time’ premiered on Louvre Abu Dhabi’s YouTube channel earlier this month.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch Louvre Abu Dhabi’s YouTube channel and spark your imagination and curiosity with this 40-minute short film as you delve into hidden mysteries of the museum’s artworks.

Short Film by Louvre Abu Dhabi

It is narrated in three languages—Arabic, English, and French—by, respectively, Emirati producer, TV presenter and actor Saoud Al Kaabi known for his role in City of Life (2009), British actor, screenwriter and film director Charles Dance known for playing the role of Tywin Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and French-Swiss actress Irène Jacob known for her role in Three Colours: Red (1994).

Get inspired as they have brought to life a captivating story of humanity on a journey through time in a 40-minute immersive audio-visual journey. The film’s storytelling, videography and original music composition took viewers on a poetic voyage through the 12 chapters of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s galleries, exploring the history of human creativity through a selection of 15 artworks and sharing stories of cultural connections from pre-history to contemporary times.

Interestingly, the sound creation was commissioned and jointly produced by Alexandre Plank, Radio Producer for the French National Radio channel France Culture, and two-time winner of the PRIX ITALIA international competition for radio and TV, and Antoine Richard, winner of the same prize. The script was developed by French author and playwright Stéphane Michaka, and the original music score is by French composer, songwriter and frontman of the band Syd Matters, Jonathan Morali. Last but not the least, the film was directed by Mohamed Somji from the Dubai-based creative studio Seeing Things.

The Pulse of Time is available to stream on Louvre Abu Dhabi’s website.

Mark this one on your list of must watch videos! 


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