Abu Dhabi Will Be Soon Home To 15 New Mosques


The Department of Municipalities and Transport of Abu Dhabi has signed an agreement with Modon Properties, a subsidiary of ADQ to begin work on seven new mosques in Abu Dhabi, five in Al Ain and three in the Al Dhafra region.

The plan was to construct twenty mosques out of which five were finished before Ramadan. The total costs are estimated at AED 45 million and is aimed at developing tourist destinations and sustainable facilities to all the urban communities in the region. Hamad Al-Mutawa, Executive Director of Operations Affairs at the DMT said: “The Department of Municipalities and Transport is keen to implement the directives of our wise leadership to improve people’s quality of life in the Emirate by providing all manner of facilities, both now and in the future. The establishment of these mosques comes within the framework of the department’s plan to build 20 new mosques in Abu Dhabi Emirate is in line with its vision and goals to develop sustainable and integrated urban communities that have easily accessible services, contributing to achieving community satisfaction.”

Al-Mutawa added: “Work on building these mosques is based on a comprehensive study conducted by the department and its subsidiaries to identify the needs of the regions and to develop the necessary services and infrastructure that guarantee residents’ comfort and well-being. This is in line with the development taking place in the Emirate and its goal to position itself as one of the best cities in the world to live, invest in and visit.”

The construction also reflects the city’s cultural affinity while providing both residents and citizens with the opportunity to balance an integrated lifestyle of work and finding peace. All the mosque locations were pre-approved before the construction was underway based off on future plans for the city. The authorities have strategically mapped the best areas to have the mosques to ensure that that they are accessible to the whole population. In Abu Dhabi, the mosques are located on a total land area of 17,392 square metres; in Al Ain, the mosques are located on an area of 15,247 square metres; and in Al Dhafra, they are located on an area of 9,219 square metres.

The mosques have made sure to include a ladies prayer room, muezzin, internal and external ablution areas and imam accommodation. The Abu Dhabi mosques can accommodate a footfall of 2,928 worshipers; in Al Ain, they can hold a total of 2,162 worshipers; and in Al Dhafra, they can welcome 1,244 worshipers at a given time.


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