Summer Is Here And The Public Beaches Are Ready For A Splash

Public beaches

The public beaches are now opens for beach goers from 6 am till sunset.

We all love to laze on a sunny morning or an afternoon in the beautiful clean waters of Abu Dhabi, it gets even better if its the weekend.

Dust off those swimming trunks and pack your totes because the emirate’s most popular site is now ready for visitors. The corniche beach is a capital favourite for its calming and clear waters.

As hotels have started business operations at limited capacities, their beaches have also reopened with social distancing measures and mandatory safety regulations in place.  Similarly, in line with the municipality’s health and safety precautions, the corniche beach is only open till the sunset and all beach goers need to have their masks and gloves on.

Be sure to keep at least two metres distance from people and visit the public beaches in not more than groups of four. In addition, the public showers will no longer be available for use at the beach.

These timings and measures will continue throughout the months of July, August and September. Make sure you pack enough sunscreen, masks and enough sanitiser for your day out on the beach because safety is still of the utmost importance!


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