Ceremony To Highlight Abu Dhabi’s Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance

Religious leaders and representatives will convene at Emirates Palace on 22nd September to highlight Abu Dhabi’s religious tolerance.

A ceremony aiming to strengthen the values of tolerance and acceptance espoused by the UAE.

The meeting dubbed ‘A Call for Harmony’ is organised by the Department of Community Development (DCD) as part of its agenda to license 18 places of worship in the capital.

Licensing these non-Muslim worship places is seen as a way to affirm their operations in the city lawfully with respect to the country’s customs and traditions.

Prior to the event, the DCD had already met with the various religion representatives to discuss the legal frameworks and policies of the license to be issued.

It is expected that around 250 government leaders along with religious figures, entrepreneurs and media representatives will attend the religious tolerance ceremony.

The programme will include a presentation of Abu Dhabi’s religious, cultural and demographic diversity – all cornerstones that shaped the city as well know today.


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