Scream Fest Is Happening At NYUAD

NYUAD Scream Fest

Scream with NYUAD Arts Center this Halloween as they are in the mood for some spine-tingling moments.

The film screening programme titled ‘On Wellbeing Economies’ will show movies that fall under the genres of drama, sci-fi and horror – all feeding into our inner fear and wild imagination to make you scream.

Artist-writer Raja’a Khalid personally chose the film line-up in connection to her exhibit dubbed a.quiet.wave commissioned by the NYUAD Art Gallery.

The 19th October, 2.30pm, will screen The Cleanse. Paul Berger (Johnny Galecki) is an unemployed and lonely man looking for happiness.

He signs up for a spiritual retreat hoping to restart his life. Paul soon discovers that the ‘cleanse’ is discharging more than just everyday toxins.

Next in line is A Cure for Wellness on 3rd November from 8pm. It tells the story of a young executive named Lokchart who flies to a wellness centre in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO.

Lockhart soon discovers the centre’s terrifying secrets and starts experiencing strange events akin to the symptoms that plagued previous guests. Will he able to get out alive?

Free. Registration required.

For more information and buy tickets, visit:

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