Space Observatory In Al Wathba Recognized Internationally

Space Observatory gains international recognition

If you’re someone who is fascinated of space and its mysteries, then you might have heard of Al Sadeem Astronomy Observatory.

The station located in Al Wathba is the first private observatory in the UAE.

It was the brainchild of Emirati Thabet Al Qaissieh and Filipino Alejandro Palado – two guys who bonded over their common love for space science.

Al Sadeem Astronomy Observatory – which stands on a farm land owned by Al Qaissieh’s family – gives the public access to its telescopes and advanced equipment to view stars, planets and the universe up close.

And there’s even more good news.

The facility has just obtained official observatory codes from two international astronomical organizations.

These codes are the M43 given by the International Astronomical Union – Minor Planet Center (IAU MPC) and the OAAA from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO).

Both of these codes are given to observatories that record data on minor planets, comets or irregular satellites using astrometry, or the branch of astronomy that deals with measurements such as of positions and movements of celestial bodies and photometry which is used for variable stars.

The Al Wathba-based facility is actually just one of the two observatories in the Gulf region registered in the IAU MPC observatory list.

But more impressively, these recognition’s strengthen the observatory’s role in promoting science and astronomy in the community.

THABET AL QAISSIEH – CO-FOUNDER: “If after 10 years, one student ends up going to university to study astronomy and astrophysics and goes on to pursue a career in that field, and their inspiration was from the observatory, then I have reached my goal.”

ALEJANDRO PALADO – CO-FOUNDER: “Once I moved here, I immediately bought a telescope and started looking for astronomy groups. I was having a hard time finding people with similar interests, so I decided to start my own group; Abu Dhabi Astronomy.”

Congratulations to Al Sadeem Astronomy Observatory for this remarkable achievement.

We’re sure our friends over there are over the moon!


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