Exciting Things Are Happening At This UNESCO Recognized Site In Al Ain

UNESCO heritage site in Al Ain
Al Ain Oasis

We’re talking about Al Ain Oasis – the sprawling 3,000-acre lush property named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site way back in 2011.

Lately, we’re getting used to waking up to news of accolades being given to capital landmarks.

Whether we’re talking about old tourist spots like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or new theme parks such as Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, various city attractions are getting well-deserved love from international organizations.

But did you know that one of the earliest honors for a UNESCO heritage site earned by an Abu Dhabi landmark is in Al Ain?

Unesco heritage site in al Ain

The oasis is home to around 147,000 date palms and 100 different varieties of vegetation, making it the largest oasis in Al Ain, which quite fittingly is also known as the Garden City.

The oasis has been around for thousands of years and used the ancient underground irrigation system called ‘falaj’.

This novel method helped early settlers to boost agriculture in the area despite geographical challenges brought about by the desert environment.

Al Ain Oasis continues to exist and function to this day, welcoming tourists and residents for them to have first-hand view of the historic location.

But there’s also more to do here than just enjoy the splendid sights.

The Weekend at the Oasis highlights the site and its significance with cultural activities. If you’re wondering why it earned the UNESCO accolade, then you must sign-up to this event. Dates: 30th-31st January; 1st February; 5th-7th March. 4pm-10pm.

Beautiful heritage site in Al Ain

Hear from palm tree owners and farmers as they talk about what it takes to keep the oasis lush and green. The Agriculture Practices at the Oasis will provide on-site demo and trivia on the different stages of palm tree care. Guests will also get to know the various professions at the oasis. Dates: 20th-27th January; 3rd-10th and 17th-24th February; 2nd-9th March; 13th-20th April. 9am-11am.

The wide variety of plants and palm trees in the oasis provide great materials for artisans to utilize. Handicrafts at the Oasis will provide demonstrations on how to create wonderful and durable crafts common in the country. Dates: 22nd-29th January; 5th-12th and 19th-26th February; 4th-11th March; 15th-22nd April. 9am-11am.

All of these programmes are part of the cultural events hosted in Al Ain this year under the stewardship of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi.

For more information, visit: tcaabudhabi.ae

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