Yas Bay Waterfront Returns With Its ‘Waterfront Nights’

Yas Bay Waterfront

Celebrate Ramadan At Yas Bay Waterfront

Experience the magic of Ramadan as Yas Bay Waterfront returns with their ‘Waterfront Nights’ for its third edition. This free-to-enter pop-up event at the arena plaza in front of Etihad Arena runs nightly from 9:00pm to 2:00am from 22nd March until end of Eid Al Fitr, offering traditional decorations and a vibrant atmosphere for quality time with loved ones.

Browse the outdoor market featuring local clothing, perfumery, and home décor brands, while savoring traditional treats like luqaimat, rigag, and koshari, accompanied by a steaming cup of karak tea. Enjoy live performances by qanun and oud players, adding to the ambiance.

For younger guests, there’s a dedicated children’s craft corner where they can get creative with paper lanterns.

When hunger strikes, explore Yas Bay Waterfront’s promenade for a memorable Suhour experience at local and international restaurants like Bushra, The Lighthouse, Paradiso, Zeera, Hunter & Barrel, and more, each offering a unique culinary journey.

Be part of an unforgettable celebration of togetherness and tradition this Ramadan with “Waterfront Nights” event at Yas Bay Waterfront.

For more information visit https://www.yasbay.ae/


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