An Online UK Boarding School Exhibition To Answer Your Educational Needs

UK Boarding School
Anderson Education is conducting a virtual exhibition for parents considering boarding school for their children.

The UK boarding school system is renowned for its state of the art educations, co-curricular activities and the strong educational benefits that they offer students. Most students are able to get admitted into good universities of their choice predominantly based on their credit and the experience they garner during their school lives.

How a boarding education helps students is primarily equipping them with independence and the ability to pursue their career and passion strategically and with abandon. This kind of tailored system will help students thrive in varied scenarios especially in a post -Covid world where you need to think on your toes and have the grit to shapeshift with the odds.

The upcoming exhibition is aimed to help both parents and students understand the different school options available and the repertoire of services they have in store for students to help them reach academic, artistic and sporting excellence. The UK Boarding School Exhibition Online, hosted by Anderson Education will be on Friday 6th November at 11.00 am and Saturday 7th November at 5 pm. Parents will be able to interact with the heads and representatives from 21 leading schools across the UK.  The Director and Education Consultant at Anderson Education, Sara Sparling will be in Abu Dhabi on 09th November to meet with families first hand and address their concerns and questions about the enrolment process. The event also has the UK Study Group participating to offer advice and guidance on UK University Home Status Eligibility.

Attending the exhibition will also help you get a clearer glimpse of all the health and safety regulations that are in place for the students and staff. They will outline the social distancing measures, temperature checks, regular deep cleaning, PPE, quarantine arrangements, staggered lessons and mealtimes, year group bubbles and one-way systems that will be integrated into the school schedules. They have also ensured that the recreational activities will go on as planned by making proper use of their grounds and open spaces such that students can play and enjoy safely. In addition, the schools are working with companies to set up ‘quarantine hotels’ so that students and perhaps even staff can stay in school during half-term and weekend if they feel unsafe travelling back home.

To register for the event, visit: . Stay logged onto their website and social media channels to stay tuned to all their upcoming activities.

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