This New Running Track At Umm Al Emarat Park Has Got Joggers Attention

Umm Al Emarat Park
Abu Dhabi residents have a brand new running track that residents can use to stretch their legs and go on runs.

If you are big on outdoor walks, run or cycling, the temperatures in the UAE have dropped making it even more pleasant for residents to move out, and with that in mind the Umm Al Emarat Park is offering another option for runners with its new new jogging track which is a 1.2 km green jogging track at the park.

“We are excited to launch the Green Jogging Track at Umm Al Emarat Park, adding yet another wellness activity for our community to enjoy in nature. We take a lot of pride in being a natural space for visitors to invest in their health through play, exercise and relaxation, and we look forward to seeing the jogging track act as a scenic green space for runners and joggers to work their bodies while they relax their minds,” said Rasha Kablawi, head of Umm Al Emarat Park’s corporate affairs and communications.

The park also has Peak Fitness Gym for those people looking to burn calories both indoors and outdoors. You can end your workout session with a breezy cycling session. In addition, residents can also make use of the animal barn,  water splash area, train track and cinema at the Park which are also new features of the park. The park authorities are aware of how busy it will be and have made sure that all the safety measures and precautions are in place. There will be thermal cameras, disinfectant tunnels and also strict monitoring of the crowds to ensure that the park capacity is not above the government mandate.

Get those bikes out, adorn your helmets, have your bottles and masks handy and head onto to some adrenaline pumped in the fresh air.

Dhs 10 (park entry), Umm Al Emarat Park, Mushrif (02 666 9559), Daily 8 am – midnight.


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