New Exhibition Relives The Middle Ages

New Exhibition at the louvre Abu Dhabi
Bascinet with visor, known as Klappvisier from France, c. 1390–1430. Jean-Gilles Berizzi / Courtesy RMN-Grand Palais (musee de Cluny - musee national du Moyen-Age)
Helmet from Iraq, Turkey or Caucasus, c. 1450–1500. Thierry Ollivier / Courtesy Department of Culture and Tourism

An upcoming new exhibition will bring to life medieval chivalric era through objects and artefacts sourced from various locations in the world.

The exhibit, Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West, will run from 19th February to 30th May at the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island.

New exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi

There will be more than 130 items to be displayed including weapons, armors, battle equipment and manuscripts from the 11th to the 16th centuries.

The sources of the objects are wide and diverse, covering parts of the Middle East particularly Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and the French and Germanic states in Europe.

New Exhibition coming up at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

It offers a unique glimpse into the period with emphasis on the code of chivalry: courage, faith, honor and courtly traditions.

Just some of the exhibit items worth noting (and seeing) at this new exhibition are battle equipment worn by knights and horses, and manuscripts detailing battle strategies of Ottoman, Egyptian and European armies.

Upcoming New Art Exhibition showcasing east & west.

Another point of interest is the similarities in knightly traditions in the Islamic and Christian worlds, something that is not often thought of.

Manuel Rabate, Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, said in a statement: “Our home city has always been a gateway between East and West and is a natural stage for this exploration of a key moment in Arab history and its cross-cultural exchanges with the Western World.

New upcoming exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi to relive lives.

“The many international partners for the show – be it lenders or scientific experts – highlight the importance of this subject within the academic community.”

Serving as curator of the exhibit, which will feature three sections, are Elisabeth Taburet-Delahaye, Carine Juvin, and Michel Huynh.

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West at the Louvre

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West is made possible by the Musee de Cluny, Musee national du Moyen Age in Paris, and Agence France-Muséums.

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