Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week: Making Our Planet A Better Place

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

When the 2020 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week opens on Saturday, 11th January, it would mark the 12th year that the capital will be hosting the event that aims to drive progress without harming the environment.

This year will put emphasis on pioneering technology to combat climate change – a burning topic in light of the widespread bush-fires currently happening in Australia.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020 – running from 11th to 18th January – will once more gather technology experts, policymakers, and industry specialists and leaders to discuss various issues affecting our surroundings and how to address them through clean technology and fair measures.

In hindsight, Abu Dhabi has been championing the concept of sustainability in the community involving both the public and private sector.

We take a look at some of these green initiatives that are making our planet a better place…


Circ e-scooter

It was August last year when Abu Dhabi gave the go-signal for electric scooter firms to operate across various locations in the city. Micro-mobility company Circ from Berlin, Germany was the first to roll out its fleet, followed by US-brand Lime in December. These easy to use e-scooters provide an environmentally-friendly transport options as compared to fuel-powered vehicles.

Hotels going green

The hospitality business is big in Abu Dhabi, and is still expected to grow as tourism climbs up in the coming years.

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi implementing sustainable measures.
Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Hotels like Hilton Capital Grand, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi and Hilton Abu Dhabi have ditched plastic straws for more Eco-friendly options.

Meanwhile, Sofitel Abu Dhabi, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort, Al Raha Beach Hotel and Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi have implemented measures like using energy-saving lights, eliminating paper use and utilizing food composter machine to reduce food waste.

Noble farming methods

Green Farming to boost production in farms.

Abu Dhabi has been exploring the wonders of vertical farming or the practice of growing crops with minimal resources. This is particularly crucial in a country like the UAE due to its less fertile soil and hot climate, making it difficult for plants to thrive. The capital has been resorting to vertical farming to boost production in farms around the emirate with steady success.

Up and above

Abu Dhabi Sustainable Week, Etihad Airways implementing green initiatives.

The country’s flag-carrier has been steadfast in its commitment to help the planet. Etihad Airways has rolled out various initiatives – from using eco-friendly cutleries to experimenting with plant-based fuel, to name a few. Considering that airplanes use loads and loads of oil to sustain its journey, these gestures by Etihad are certainly welcome and worth commending.

Going electric

It’s odd to think that a city with vast reserves of oil is pushing for alternative energy means. But that’s exactly what Abu Dhabi has been doing, introducing electric buses and taxis, and installing electric car charging kiosks in several locations in a bid to reduce carbon emission. The UAE in general is taking a hard look at utilizing modern transportation mediums to encourage the public to commute instead of using fuel-powered cars. The Hyperloop train system connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi is one perfect example of this.

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